Serving the people of our state is a job that should not be taken lightly. I am committed to building a state government that delivers justice, opportunity, and safety for everyone. Join me in the fight for a better North Carolina.

Criminal Justice Reform

The state has a large responsibility to provide a justice system that delivers fair treatment and equal protection to all citizens. A costly bail bond system, lengthy trial times, and overcrowded prisons all currently contribute to a process that disadvantages those without money and resources in North Carolina. Our state legislature must find solutions to these problems so that we can create a more efficient and fair legal process.

Vocational Education

Vocational training should be a core element of North Carolina’s educational system so that we have a diverse set of options for people to prepare for their future whether they are going on to college or would prefer to learn a skill or trade. Wake Tech is a great example of how the benefits of a good vocational education can benefit the community. North Carolina should expand high quality vocational training programs across the state and ensure there is a pathway for students from K-12 to vocational schools.

Affordable Housing

North Carolina is facing a statewide affordable housing crisis. In our district and across the state, a large swath of our population is struggling to find housing options that fit their budget. As North Carolina’s population and economy have grown, we have failed to sustain a housing stock that matches our growth. It is time that our state lawmakers recognize that this is an immense and complex problem facing our state, and it must be addressed by multiple levels of government. The state legislature needs to begin exploring ways to incentivize public-private financial incentives for affordable housing construction to make a dent in our massive gap of affordable housing.